Song For Our Ancestors

The WW1 War Memorials of Catford and Surrounds

Nearly 100 years on from the start of the Great War, many of the local memorials raised to commemorate the Fallen are increasingly suffering from our 21st Century climate. Some are kept hidden from view, behind locked doors for the most part of the day, in churches and institutions wary of their security. Others, exposed to the elements outside, are deteriorating to such an extent that they are virtually unreadable. Even more alarming is that there is a third group; those that have been lost forever. Often as the result of the demolition of a church or public building, the memorial has disappeared without trace.

Within these few pages I hope to record some of the memorials in my locality and as time permits, expand on the identities of the men they commemorate. As time and the population move on, a simple initial and surname are no longer instantly recognisable.  

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St Laurence Church St Laurence Roll of Honour

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Lewisham Military Hospital WW1 Memorial

Lewisham Military Hospital Memorial